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About Us
The Advent
Our Eureka moment happened in the year 2019 when Mulya Creation came into existence. We have been focused and working tirelessly in providing products of value ever since.
Our Roots
Exploring the diversities and abundance of Uttarakhand, we produce products deeply rooted to the culture of the valley. Supporting local craftsmanship, our den can be found in Dehradun,India.
Go Green
Living and breathing the three R rule of reuse, reduce and recycle. We at Mulya work with discarded flowers and fruit peels to dye our products sustainably.
Joining Hands
With our vision to empower and train, we are working with NGOs such as SEWA to provide vocational training and sustenance to women to help them be self sufficient and continue to inspire others

Why Mulya

It is not only about bringing change in the lives of the people owning it but the people producing it .

We believe in training local craftswomen to help empower and sustain their livelihoods.

Every product you buy is helping a local women provide aid to her family.

At Mulya, we procure materials that are 100% sustainable and eco-friendly in nature. Every piece is uniquely handcrafted paying attention to the integrity of our surroundings. With the growing concerns of pollution in the fashion industry we aim to provide products untouched by such toxicities.

Honing our skills in the art of natural dyeing, our products are made from eco-friendly dyes. We also procure discarded flowers and fruit peels to dye our products making sure they are bereft of carcinogens and other artificial skin irritants. (P.S.- they make you smell like the flowers too!)

With lack of employment generation, in India many artisans fail to survive and succumb to the industrialisation of the industry. This leads to the extinction of the particular art and craft. At Mulya we value true artisanship and do our best to empower the legacy.

The only way to choose better is to know better. We focus on making our community aware of the impact fashion has on our planet and the people involved in the process. We commit to keeping our communications absolutely honest and ethical.

Not only are our products made with love but packed with love as well. Keeping in mind the repercussions of plastic packaging we make sure to wrap our products sustainably. Every product is hand packed with utmost care and warmth.

Our Team

Happy Customers

We are proud to have served 2000 customers within a span of a year and we are keen on serving our customers in near future with all the authenticity and love.


With the highs and lows of starting a startup we have managed to win the startup Uttrakhand challenge which was organised by the Uttarakhand government. It is a small step to motivate us to achieve greater heights in future.


With an experience of textile education and work, we bring to you the best of knowledge and quality products. With a true code of conduct we believe in keeping the priorities of our customer above all.

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