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How to be a responsible Consumer

As a consumer, there are a number of steps we can take to ensure that we are playing our part in the fight against pollution and destruction of nature.

1) Buy from local farms and markets: Buying from locals helps uplift and empower the local market. Also the chain of distribution is shorter so less waste is generated. So the next time you decide to head out to a supermarket, think again and head to your nearest local market.

2) Choose second hand goods whenever possible: Buy second hand and save money and help the planet! There are a number of second hand items you can find in thrift stores or local vendors like books, furniture or even clothes.

3) Know your brands: A lot of brands indulge in unethical production processes. Before committing to a brand, especially in fashion, it helps to do a quick google check on what principles that particular brand is built on.

4) Donate items in good condition that you no longer need: We all have several items hidden away in our store rooms or cupboards or shelves, waiting for some human touch. Well, clear that space and let your surroundings breathe. Donate items which are still in good condition to NGOs or directly to people in need.

5) Recycle and reuse your goods: the tricky part in recycling and reusing is that a lot many times people get confused about where to start from. Start small. Turn your old boot into planters and umbrella stands, or picture frames into key holders. There are a lot of ideas you can find on the internet which might inspire

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