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Impact of fast fashion on the world

Every single time we are fed another fashion trend by the media and celebrities, cheap clothing is mass produced by retailers to keep up with the demand. The major problem with this process is that fast fashion moves from consumer’s closet to garbage just as quickly as it is produced. The production process is incredibly disturbing as well: huge amounts of chemical waste gets dumped in water bodies and land or burnt into the atmosphere. Moreover, the synthetic chemicals used to make the fibers of these clothing are known to cause cancer and other diseases in humans. Imagine how poisonous they make the environment once they are dumped as waste. The manufacturing is often handed to poorer countries with nonexistent labor laws or environmental policies so that both human resources as well environmental resources can be exploited endlessly.

Despite knowing the danger fast fashion industry poses for the world, consumers still continue to mindlessly buy and indulge. The good news is that some people are waking up and demanding ethical, sustainable and slow fashion which has led to some major brands changing their ways. Natural dyes and fabrics are back in fashion. This has also enabled the local community to thrive as handloom textile has started to be in demand again. While the world is slowly changing and shifting to a slower lifestyle, it’s important to remember the power consumers have on the market and just how powerful small choices in everyday life can be.

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