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Infected Fashion Industry- 2021 Pivotal Sustainability Trends

Remember when a virus started lurking on our streets? Fear instilled, all locked up in our homes. The time we spent indoors gave us consumers a long pause from our daily hustle and bustle. Introspection about ourselves and our environment started to seep in. It is only when we sat back did we realise the destruction being done and the radical reset that was required.
COVID-19 has changed our lifestyles in a way no one could have ever predicted. Though times are still weary there’s been an evident shift in the mindset of the consumers. From making decisions within a blink of an eye (rather a tap on the screen), people are now eager to put conscious efforts to choose a result more sustainable in nature.

Fashion Industry Amid Pandemic
The pandemic has really affected everyone around the world. Fashion and luxury industries together have seen a downfall. Before the pandemic hit, only 60% of the garments were being sold at full price.
Coronavirus has stalled this process even more. The sales are expected to be down by 30%-40% globally.As much as companies are trying to save their people, many have reached the position of a complete shut-down. The only way out is to hope for the best and simultaneously understand that our individual actions have a domino effect on our surroundings.

Shift in Perspectives
With the will to make a difference, consumers have started paying more attention towards quality and value. Information such as ethically procured materials and well paid employees is what customers are asking for. Increased acceptance towards supporting slow fashion and locally made products can be seen. There is a rise in the amount of knowledge being imparted and customers opting natural fabrics for personal health and environmental reasons.

2021 Trends to Brace For

  1. Yes to Regenerated and eco-friendly textiles
    With consumers being more deliberate about their purchases, brands will put more effort into using fabrics which are organic or recycled. Organic cottons, silks, vegan leather and locally handcrafted products will be at the forefront.
  2. Pop of Colours
    Sustainable clothing has always been mainstreamed with monotonous colour palettes. In 2021 brands will be seen encapturing bold and bright colours. Broadening possibilities and giving customers a wider variety of sustainable options.
  3. Invest in Quality
    In spite of fast fashion being easier on the pocket buyers will look forward into investing more on quality products over quantity. Methods of reusing and reducing will be highlighted. Capsule closets will be given more importance.
  4. Upcycling
    With the idea of reusing and reducing brands will look for viable options to revamp existing clothes from past collections. Luxury brands to use archived clothing and give more weight to handcrafted slow couture pieces.

written by – Saumya Bhattacharji


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