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Unwrapping 2021- 5 Options To Gift Sensibly

Setting up resolutions has always been synonymous to prepping for the New Year. Be it planning to save more or taking a 6-month gym membership only to go for just a week. We always have an urge to bring positivity to our coming year. However, 2020 was different. Irrespective of how well we planned, the year surely took us by surprise.

P.S.- We got to blame everything on the year (surely wasn’t due to procrastination before).

Times were grim and what really came to light was how adaptable we as a community are. In spite of experiencing a great fall we dusted ourselves off and got back up on our feet within a blink of an eye. The sheer determination and ability to find solutions even in duress is a skill we’ve honed in 2020.

‘To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.’ Is what Winston Churchill believed in and so should we. Entering 2021 with positivity still instilled in us we march ahead trying to make changes that matter. With the sickening condition of our planet being blatantly exposed many consumers and brands have set their resolutions in stone to tread onto a greener path. To help our community during this phase of celebration and joy while remaining conscious we have come up with a list to aid in picking greener gifts in lieu of kaput objects.

5 Gifting Choices That Give Back

1. Go Green

Go for brands that support the environment. Eco-dyed fabrics, recycled dresses or even bamboo hoodies. The options are endless. It’s time we support brands that give back and are making a difference.

2. Local Treasures

We couldn’t emphasize enough on how fruitful buying locally is. Gift something that is distinctive to your heritage, your culture. Locally made products echo authenticity which other products lack, making your choice a unique gifting option.

3. Leafy Amigos

There is no such thing as too many plants. Plants are the new ‘mithai’ of Indian gifting tradition. Small planters or even succulents that require minimum care are not only good for the environment but liven up one’s household instantly.

4. Donate

Like they say, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Donating to a charity or an NGO is a gift that can never go wrong and will definitely double up your happiness. 

5. DIY gifts

Self-made gifts have a charm that is beyond compare. Handmade cookies in a revamped Nutella jar or candles with pressed flowers. The efforts exude love and warmth that remain unsurpassed.

Let us all take a step forward this New Year, pledge allegiance to making this world better one step at a time. Let’s celebrate togetherness and cherish the gifts of nature. We hope this blog encourages you all and helps in making conscious decisions. 

Wishing our family, a very happy and a healthy new year!

-Saumya Bhattacharji

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