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What is sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is a movement that addresses the whole system of fashion- from production to consumption to waste management. It also means considering fashion a responsibility of every citizen, public and private sectors. When deciding the process of fashion, the perspective of many stakeholders including all living species, users and producers, contemporary and future dwellers on earth, should be taken. This makes sustainable fashion not just a system that benefits everyone, but also a way of life.


Since sustainable fashion challenges the entire system, it also pushes the companies to rethink their premise for profit, business practices, model, and tools of assessment. The shift to sustainable fashion, therefore, is slow. People’s addiction to fast fashion also poses a problem as the demand for sustainable fashion is still low compared to fast fashion.


The goal of sustainable fashion is to empower communities, nature and economy. This is done by providing jobs to local people and increasing the value of local products, increasing the lifecycle of materials, reducing waste and making proper waste management systems, and reducing harm to the environment.


Sustainable fashion is making its mark in becoming a critical movement since it was first introduced in the early 1990s. Countries are coming together to decide sustainable development goals for a better future for everyone. More and more people all over the globe are taking steps to become conscious consumers and play their part in the fight against pollution. Sustainable and ethical brands are being favored leading to its rise in demand and thus pushing other brands to make sustainable clothing as well. 

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