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Mulya Creation

What makes Mulya a sustainable fashion brand?

Mulya was born from a dream to create value in the lives of consumers and people involved in the process of production as well as honor the nature and all living beings around. Here are the ways we have achieved this:

1) Buying handlooms from local communities: We buy handlooms from local artists and weavers, thus empowering them and giving value to their product.

2) Recycling waste flowers for dyeing purposes: We obtain flowers from temples, events and parties which would soon be discarded after the ritual/function and use them to make our dyes.

3) Giving job opportunities to local workers: Our brand has given job opportunities to people, especially local workers.

4) Providing satisfactory products to consumers:    Each piece of our clothing carries a story in itself. Our clothes are hand dyed with natural, organic dyes which means the lifecycle of the clothes is long. Natural flower dyes can help elevate the mood and can help people set their day right. Our products have long been providing satisfaction and happiness to our consumers. 5) Building a conscious fashion community: We have not just stopped at providing products to the consumer, but have also taken the initiative to build a conscious fashion community in India so as to raise awareness about sustainable, ethical fashion and its impact and need in everyday life

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