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Mulya Creation

why being aware is important

With fast and convenient lifestyle , we want everything at our doorstep.

Gradually becoming egocentric , we don’t realise the impact of it. Isn’t it?? 

Nagging and complaining about all the things that are wrong, are we doing anything to make it better?

Just stop and think about this crucial matter as it is need of the hour.

Reckless buying to lift up mood , to be the first to make a style statement, we keep purchasing stuff without even realising that it’s a vicious circle of fast fashion that we are being trapped in. 

And then the question which arises is –

But how do we realise it? 

Being a naive consumer we believe what we see, with multinational brands coming in, fancy glorious advertisement, promising deals , we tend to fall for it. 

Let’s just stop for once and question ourselves ,by looking into the product that we buy, looking at the material and its impact once its being discarded , how its being developed and how many people are we feeding by buying a product.

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